Welcome on mobile

Note to anonymous users :

By authenticating with Github, you'll get full power of mobile:

  • ability to (un)star and (un)follow repositories and users
  • nearly no limit to access content (Github limits API calls to 60/hour for anonymous users)

Note that as it's a full web-app, we don't store anything on our servers, everything is in your browser.

Information about authentication :

The configuration of your version of mobile does not allow authentication with Github, therefore:

  • you won't be able to (un)star and (un)follow repositories and users
  • calls made by this application to the Github API will be limited (Github limits API calls to 60/hour for anonymous users)

The host of this application can change this easily in its providers-config.js file

Local favorites are a way to quickly access favorites accounts, repositories...

To add / remove a favorite, simply go on an account or repository page and check / uncheck the "Local favorite" entry in the footer.

To order them, click the "Arrange favorites" in the top right menu, arrange them (drag'n'drop) and then click the menu agin to finish. mobile

A mobile app for GitHub, made by Twidi. mobile is loading...